Secondary Data Core

The Secondary Data Core brings together faculty and staff with a shared interest in use of existing data for scientific knowledge discovery to answer important questions in clinical practice, disease etiology and treatment, risk factors and predictive modeling, social determinants of health, learning health systems, health behavior, and health equity. Expertise in our group spans multiple areas and provide a centralized hub for collaboration including connecting investigators with informative data sources and like-minded colleagues, genesis and formulation of research hypotheses, innovative data exploration and discovery, rigorous study design considerations, development of grant proposals, writing analytic plans, and dissemination of study findings in an informative fashion.

The Secondary Data Core has many members and partners around The Ohio State; both of which are comprised of faculty and staff with a wide array of areas of expertise.

Secondary Data Symposium

The Secondary Data Symposium is an annual experience for biostatisticians and clinical and scientific partners. This year, the theme is “Improving Health Outcomes with Use of Secondary Data.” The goal is to leverage secondary data in pursuit of creating a healthier future. For all researchers, clinicians, and Ohio State faculty, this symposium will provide attendees with a detailed overview of what databases are already available. Along with that, the symposium will provide examples of studies and grants utilizing this data and will outline the resources available through the Secondary Data Core.

The collective expertise of the Secondary Data Core extends to more than a dozen sources, including, but not limited to, MarketScan, CMS, SEER-Medicare, NCDB, and NSQIP. If attendees aren’t utilizing secondary data in their research, this symposium will provide the opportunity to meet with biostatisticians and clinicals partners who can help provide some insight and shape a future study and/or grant idea leveraging secondary data core.

The hope is for attendees to gain a greater sense of what is possible with secondary data and establish connections with other investigators around campus to promote collaboration.

Watch this past year's Secondary Data Symposium- Improving Health Outcomes with Use of Secondary Data



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