Translational Innovation Program

Supporting inventors to validate and translate their intellectual property to market more quickly and more efficiently

The CCTS Translational Innovation Program was launched in June 2018 to accelerate translation of life saving technologies, drugs and devices toward real world impact through the entrepreneurship pathway. TIP works with internal and external stakeholders as a connector, convener, partner, incubator and driver of results with a shared mission to move the needle on the process of translation of health innovations.

TIP studies bottlenecks in the translational process from a novel idea to an actual, approved therapeutic, diagnostic, or device that is ready for use, TIP co-develops and tests strategic interventions with key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem to shorten the timetable and validate success or failure earlier in the development process before a lot of time and funds are spent. TIP launched a monthly speaker series to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among clinicians, faculty, senior leaders, students and staff of The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Since academic entrepreneurship is a team sport, the series will provide a forum for highlighting teams working on life science innovations that are moving towards entrepreneurship as well as key resources in the innovation ecosystem.

As a catalyst for inclusive entrepreneurship, we strive to synergize and support the collective diversity, equity and belonging efforts of The Ohio State University towards the elimination of racism in all forms. We will intentionally invite, showcase, nurture and increase participation in innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship by all people and seek to address underrepresentation among women, people of color, people with disabilities and socially or economically disadvantaged persons.

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