Research Mentoring Training

Guidance in navigating research careers

Mentorship Training

The OSU CCTS has adapted a University of Wisconsin-Madison mentor training and offers it to mentors across campus. The training uses a case-based approach to explore an intellectual framework for mentoring, and allow mentors a forum to solve mentoring dilemmas with their peers. It is presented over four, 2-hour sessions. Topics will include:

  • approaches to research mentoring;
  • maintaining effective communications;
  • assessing understanding;
  • establishing expectations;
  • addressing diversity; and
  • fostering independence, and promoting professional development.

Training is also available for faculty members, and is offered twice per year.

Mentorship Best Practices

The Mentorship Best Practices document was born out of a clear need for mentors and support for mentoring relationships throughout the OSU College of Medicine. A workgroup of faculty across the OSU health sciences colleges developed the Mentorship Best Practices as a guide for both mentors and mentees to help ensure a successful relationship. The document contains information on defining a mentor, describing effective characteristics of a mentor, expectations for the mentee, mentorship support, and the mentorship process.