Recruitment Toolkit

Recruitment and Retention for clinical trials can be a challenging endeavor. As researchers, one often has limited resources and may not have knowledge of the best methods to use in order to connect with the audience they are hoping to reach. Several months ago following one of our Recruitment Café's we came up with an idea of creating a Recruitment and Retention Toolkit with resources, guides, and even some examples that we think would benefit the OSU/NCH research community. This is the results of the endeavor to gather this information from those we work closely with. 

These resources are intended to be used as reference materials in building your own recruitment plan. Not all resources would be valuable to those who access the Toolkit, and not all are suitable to use as standalone methods.

We feel the best method to gather this information is to ask you, the end users, for what information and materials you currently have and are willing to share in order to help your fellow researchers. If you would like to submit a resource to be considered for public sharing, please be advised that the toolkit resources will be collected through a Redcap survey and reviewed by the Recruitment and Retention Workgroup for content screening and any editing before becoming accessible in the Toolkit. 

Submit additional resources to be added by clicking the following link: