Identify, reach, and enroll your target population, overcome barriers, and achieve your recruitment goals

The goal of every research study is one that is fully recruited with high retention. In order to make that goal a possibility, research teams are encouraged to request recruitment and retention consultation early in the planning and design of their studies.

Consultation is available to help research teams with:

  • Understanding potential participants' motivation to enroll in studies
  • Design of marketing materials (brochures/flyers/cards)
  • Assistance with the process of obtaining IRB approval to use ResearchMatch for recruitment and best practices
  • Guidance with listing research studies on StudySearch
  • Creating a positive environment for the research team and study participants
  • Connecting with the university's marketing and social media opportunities
  • Research Informatics Resources, including Clinical Trials Alerts, IHS for research and Information Warehouse requests (feasibility)

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