CCTS Inventor Showcase Series

A partnership between CCTS, OSU Office of Innovation and Economic Development and Nationwide Children's Hospital Office of Technology Commercialization

The CCTS’s Translational Innovation Program, in partnership with the Office of Innovation and Economic Development  and Nationwide Children's Hospital's Office of Technology Commercialization , launched an in-person monthly Startup Inventor Showcase  in January 2020. We pivoted our programming to a virtual panel series in June 2020 to highlight experts who are collaborating to fight against COVID-19 on our front lines of innovation at an unprecedented pace.  We held the last COVID-19 Inventor Showcase  in June 2021.  We are now continuing the virtual monthly series as the “CCTS Inventor Showcase” to highlight all types of innovations on our campuses.

To inspire innovations and collaborations, the new Monthly Speaker Series aims to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among clinicians, faculty, senior leaders, students and staff of The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Since academic entrepreneurship is a team sport, the series will provide a forum for showcasing the stories behind various types of innovations as well as key resources in the innovation ecosystem.

Some of the goals of the new series are to:

  • Feature inventors from a variety of fields and their exemplary work at the intersection of academic achievement, science, technology, and business focused on commercially viable projects that improve human health
  • Animate entrepreneurship as an exciting pathway and outcome of university research to address the most urgent and critical health challenge of our time.
  • Demystify and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset among our clinicians, faculty and students
  • Introduce and bring together representatives from the various support services, resources, funding mechanisms, training and guidance available to inventors
  • Inspire innovation teams and advance team science from devices, technologies, discovery to prevention to therapies.

The panel speaker series will be offered once a month and only through a virtual platform due to the global pandemic. There will be time for Q & A following the feature presentations. All are welcome.

Questions? Please contact Dr. Tanya Mathew .

April Inventor Showcase

Join us at the April Inventor Showcase on Wednesday, April 27 at 12 noon to be inspired and to learn more about the innovation journey and entrepreneurial pursuits of two undergraduate students, who are finalists of the brand-new Buckeye Accelerator Award program.  The President’s Buckeye Accelerator supports Ohio State student business founders prepare to launch startups. The accelerator combines entrepreneurship skill building, mentorship, community building and funding with a structured process. Accelerator applicants will first complete a six-week “Boost Camp” from January to March 2022. Six student founders from the Boost Camp will be selected for the year-long accelerator and awarded $50,000 to advance their startup concepts. 

Date: April 27, 2022, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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April 2022 Featured Innovation Resource

University President Kristina Johnson’s Buckeye Accelerator Award Program

– Scott Griffin , Director, Entrepreneurial Programs and Talent

Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship

April 2022 Featured Speakers







Andrew Gilgen

Andrew Gilgen is the founder of Yulo  and an entrepreneur from Findlay, Ohio. He is a third-year undergraduate student studying Marketing and Entrepreneurship & Innovation at The Ohio State University. Andrew learned firsthand that our oral health plays an important role in our overall health and wellness when he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, which can be triggered by poor oral hygiene. For him, his daily oral care routine is deeper than fresh breath and clean teeth, and he had to build good habits to stay healthy. After seeing the shocking statistics that 220 million Americans don’t brush and floss on a consistent basis and oral care products contribute to more than 50 million tons of plastic waste each year, he knew there was an opportunity to create change in a fairly stagnant industry. He believes since the toothbrush and floss are separate products, people don’t automatically associate their use together, which leads them to stay accustomed to their bad habits. The lack of innovation in this space is contributing to the rise of health problems and plastic waste all over the world. Yulocare is a family of sustainable oral care products that are designed to be used together and enable people to build good habits. The products include an oral care essentials kit, toothpaste chews, and mouthwash drops. The kit features a reusable handle with brushing, flossing and tongue scraper attachments that seamlessly connect and reduce plastic waste by 80%. He believes offering complete care in a single product will promote the use of all cleaning methods and make it easier to build a full routine that supports great habits. Yulo is currently a top 10 finalist in the President’s Buckeye Accelerator program. To learn more about Yulo, go to or follow @yulocare on social media. You can reach Andrew on LinkedIn .








Anjali Prabhakaran

Anjali Prabhakaran is a senior Eminence Fellow and Human Nutrition Student from Avon, Ohio. At two months old, Anjali was diagnosed with a metabolic liver condition called Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD). Her experiences living with a chronic illness instilled in her a deep regard for improving human health and the patient experience. In October of last year, she noticed how difficult it was for her to track her food intake, activity levels, and blood glucose values in a consistent manner. These are all incredibly important values to record and understand when dealing with metabolic illnesses like GSD, a rare genetic condition, or diabetes, which affects over ten percent of the U.S. adult population. It was through grappling with this issue that EmPower Health  came to be. EmPower Health is a metabolic disease management platform that allows patients to track their health data and understand how their lifestyle impacts their metabolic health through AI-driven feedback. Furthermore, EmPower Health will allow patients to share all their data with their physician, enabling physicians to make more informed clinical decisions, and allow patients to connect with a robust patient support network to share disease management advice. Currently, EmPower Health is one of ten finalists in the President's Buckeye Accelerator program.  Anjali can be reached at 






Scott Griffin joined The Ohio State University July of 2021 and is currently the Director of Entrepreneurial Programs.  Scott Griffin joined us from LC Capital Partners where he served as Chief Operation Officer and Executive Vice President. Griffin’s primary responsibilities included strategy, land development, acquisition, and new business development.  Griffin brings three decades of experience in starting, managing, and growing businesses across a variety of industries nationally and globally, with a proven track record for building high-performing teams.  Griffin spent 11 years at Greif, Inc., a worldwide leader in industrial packaging products and services, in numerous executive leadership roles including Chief Sustainability Officer, Vice President, Communications, and Investor Relations. Griffin spent 14 years at Dow Chemical holding global marketing and business leadership roles and 4 years at Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society.  Griffin teaches courses on New Product Development and Innovation at The Ohio State University's Fisher Graduate School of Business. He also served on the Board of Directors for several non-profit institutions, including Ohio State Parks and Columbus State Community College.  Griffin is a patent holder and has led the successful commercialization of several new products. Examples include the Earthminded Rain Station and the social venture PackH20 that was awarded the 2013 Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt’s People’s Design Award.

Griffin received his undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University in 1987 and his MBA from Xavier University in 1992.