CCTS Inventor Showcase Series

A partnership between CCTS, OSU Office of Innovation and Economic Development and Nationwide Children's Hospital Office of Technology Commercialization

The CCTS’s Translational Innovation Program, in partnership with the Office of Innovation and Economic Development and Nationwide Children's Hospital's Office of Technology Commercialization, launched an in-person monthly Startup Inventor Showcase in January 2020. We pivoted our programming to a virtual panel series in June 2020 to highlight experts who are collaborating to fight against COVID-19 on our front lines of innovation at an unprecedented pace. We held the last COVID-19 Inventor Showcase in June 2021. We are now continuing the virtual monthly series as the “CCTS Inventor Showcase” to highlight all types of innovations on our campuses.

To inspire innovations and collaborations, the new Monthly Speaker Series aims to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among clinicians, faculty, senior leaders, students and staff of The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Since academic entrepreneurship is a team sport, the series will provide a forum for showcasing the stories behind various types of innovations as well as key resources in the innovation ecosystem.

Some of the goals of the new series are to:

  • Feature inventors from a variety of fields and their exemplary work at the intersection of academic achievement, science, technology, and business focused on commercially viable projects that improve human health
  • Animate entrepreneurship as an exciting pathway and outcome of university research to address the most urgent and critical health challenge of our time.
  • Demystify and nurture an entrepreneurial mindset among our clinicians, faculty and students
  • Introduce and bring together representatives from the various support services, resources, funding mechanisms, training and guidance available to inventors
  • Inspire innovation teams and advance team science from devices, technologies, discovery to prevention to therapies.

The panel speaker series will be offered once a month and only through a virtual platform due to the global pandemic. There will be time for Q&A following the feature presentations. All are welcome.

Questions? Please contact Smitha Sasindran.

May 2023 Inventor Showcase

CCTS Inventor showcase with speakers Bryan Stewart, Tanya Nocera, J. Allen McElroy and Nadi Graham

Bleeding to death is the leading cause of preventable fatalities, including 90% of combat and 40% of civilian fatalities. Nearly 20% of these deaths are due to uncontrolled bleeding at the torso-appendage junction. Specialized junctional tourniquets in this market require professional training, time-consuming multi-step assembly, fine- motor movements, and users experience a high rate of device displacement during patient transport.

The HDO Health Journiquet™ is a novel, class II, non-sterile, non- invasive, single-use medical device designed to stop junctional bleeding quickly and effectively. It can be rapidly deployed (estimated at 20 seconds) in high-stress combat and trauma environments. Application requires only gross motor movements, even when wearing tactical or medical gloves and in wet environments, enabling hemorrhage control while the patient is still in the field. The Journiquet™ has a user-driven and intuitive design, requiring little-to- no training by a novice user. It is durable, and pre-assembled as a single device with a compact design optimized for tactical stowage and quick deployment in harsh operating conditions. It allows direct pressure on the wound while remaining in place during patient transport 

Join us at the May Inventor Showcase on Tuesday, May 9 at 12 noon to learn more about the team and their innovative product. 

Dr. Cynthia Gerhardt

Welcome Address: Dr. Cynthia Gerhardt, Chief Clinical Research Officer, Nationwide Children's Hospital

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