Business of Science Program

Unlike other research related programs, you will learn about leadership and team management, but not in the ways these are usually presented. At the Business of Science, you will hear from experts at The Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business who will give you research-based information and practical tools you can take back to your lab and apply immediately.

Through NIH funding, the Center for Clinical & Translational Science has partnered with Fisher College of Business Executive Education to present, The Business of Science, a three-day workshop designed to provide faculty conducting clinical and translational research with enhanced skills in the areas of innovation, project management and team leadership.

The program will give you the knowledge and tools that researchers like you need to succeed in research, professional advancement and translating your observations into impactful interventions.

The sessions are practically oriented, interactive and introduce participants to methods they can implement immediately in their research projects. Program attendees will:

  • Learn to manage human and process dimensions to advance projects to conclusion, all within an environment of uncertainty.
  • Learn to effectively use information, data and decision tools to leverage the best thinking to arrive at the best path to success.
  • Understand the role of creativity, intuition and person-centered development in the successful application of discovery to the development of new therapies.
  • Consider why anyone would choose to follow you, learn how the best leaders inspire others to follow them and be inspired to define your leadership legacy.

 If you would like to be informed about future offerings of this program, you can write your name and email address here.