Academy of Community Reviewers

Training for patients and community members to review scientific research proposals, provide meaningful perspectives and contribute towards grant decision-making


Academy of Community Reviewers (ACR)

The Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science and our pediatric partner, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, value the opinions and input of our patients and community members in the research that we fund. The ACR was developed to foster bidirectional alliances and dialogue between academic researchers and community stakeholders. This relationship ensures that research is not only relevant and applicable to the affected community but also aligns with their priorities. The perspective and lived experience of patients and community members offer unique, invaluable insights that can accelerate the process of translation from basic science discoveries to health interventions in more reliable, relevant, and cost-effective ways.

The ACR is a two-part workshop dedicated to educating and empowering patients and community members to actively engage in every phase of the translational process. Expanding upon the curriculum of the Community Scientists Academy, participants are trained to review and score scientific research proposals based on NIH review criteria, provide meaningful perspectives and contribute toward grant decision-making. Participants are also trained to engage with academic researchers as stakeholder advisors to participate in Co-Design Studio. Complimentary curriculum topics include health equity, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and implicit bias.

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