Finding Potential Sponsors and Studies

Funding Opportunities for Grants

The Office of Funding and Research Development within the Office of Research helps researchers identify funding needs, search for funding opportunities, and create alerts to provide information about new funding opportunities.  The office also provides support for working with sponsors, locating collaborators, identifying interdisciplinary research opportunities, and working with other Office of Sponsored Program (OSP) departments.

Funding Opportunities for Contracts

Research teams interested in contract opportunities with pharmaceutical or device companies should contact study sponsors to discuss study availability and the feasibility of being selected as a study site.  A pharmaceutical or device company is typically called the industry sponsor when they are the source of funding for the study.   There are a lot of pharmaceutical, device, biotech and contract research organizations (CROs) that conduct research studies.  Often networking with peers who are already established with conducting industry research studies may be helpful in identifying a sponsor with a clinical trial of interest.

A new site may wish to sign up for a clinical trial listing service, such as Centerwatch. Centerwatch provides services to help sponsors, CROs and service providers identify clinical trial sites.  The site can list their information, for a fee.  Sponsors and CROs may also have their own databases that sites can enroll in for free such as the Duke Clinical Research Institute.

There can be steep competition for good studies.   The key to finding sponsors and good studies is to get on the sponsors “Preferred” list.  Preferred sites are those that perform well by being able to start up quickly, enroll the required number of participants, and provide quality data.  Sponsors often ask a “Preferred” site if they are interested in new studies before identifying other study sites.