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Participate in Research

Research volunteers change the future of health care…one discovery at a time. Volunteers of all ages, both healthy and those with specific medical conditions, are essential to the progress of research and better health care. | FAQ Videos

Easy ways to find active research studies:

ResearchMatch - Become a research volunteer. ResearchMatch is a secure, easy to use, volunteer registry funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Researchers can invite volunteers to participate in their study that may be a good fit; however, names and contact information are not released until a volunteer indicates they would like to know more about the study and agrees to release their information to the researcher.

Join ResearchMatch today. Children under 19 must be enrolled by a parent or guardian.

StudySearch - Find a research study. StudySearch is a search tool that lists research studies and clinical trials at The Ohio State University that are actively seeking participants.
614-293-HERO (4376) – Call or send an email to HeroHelpLine@osu.edu with your questions. The HERO Line is a service dedicated to assisting the general public with their search for a research study.
Study Notes blog - Learn what it's like to participate. Study Notes is a blog written by scientists, research study coordinators, and experienced research study volunteers that is designed to provide a look inside what it’s like to participate in a clinical research study.

Research Participation FAQs

Why participate in research studies?
Learn more about why it is so important for people to volunteer for clinical research studies.
video provided by OSU CCTS | play video
How does research participation help save lives?
Learn how volunteering for clinical research studies can save lives and lead to better health care.
video provided by OSU CCTS | play video
Why should I enroll my child in a research study?
Health care and medical treatments that work for adults are not always as effective in children, and can sometimes vary quite a bit.
video provided by NHLBI | play video
How does ResearchMatch work?
Learn how to register for ResearchMatch and how it works for those interested in volunteering for research studies.
video provided by UCSD CTRI | play video
Who can participate in research?
Learn more about how there are research studies available for just about everyone, including healthy volunteers.
video provided by UCSD CTRI | play video
How is research made safe?
Learn more about how Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) are making sure studies are safe for participants.
video provided by UCSD CTRI | play video
What is a control group?
Research often compares current health treatments to new ones, hoping to find better options. Control groups help determine when a better option has been found.
video provided by UCSD CTRI | play video

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