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The health of millions has been improved because of those who have volunteered for research studies.

Research helps discover knowledge that impacts the health of society. Studies need volunteers, including healthy people, in order to make these discoveries. When there are not enough volunteers to participate, studies must end early. Studies can be as simple as a survey, or as involved as testing new treatments for diseases or conditions.


How does research participation help save lives?

Tommy shares his story to help explain how important clinical research studies have been to the development of the healthcare knowledge, procedures and treatments available today.


How does ResearchMatch work?

Learn how to register for ResearchMatch and how it works for those interested in volunteering for research studies.

Who can participate in research?

Learn more about how there are research studies available for just about everyone, including healthy volunteers.

How is research made safe?

Learn more about how Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) are making sure studies are safe for participants.

What is a control group?

Research often compares current health treatments to new ones, hoping to find better options. Control groups help determine when a better option has been found.

Are there research studies available for animals/pets?

Veterinary clinical trials represent a unique opportunity to contribute to advancing care for not only animals, but humans as well.