Clinical Data Access for Research

Facilitating access to clinical data stored in Electronic Health Record and Information Warehouse

Research Informatics Services facilitates access to data housed in the OSU Wexner Medical Center's Electronic Health Record and Information Warehouse, including clinical encounters, demographics, finance, procedures, medications, laboratory results, clinical reports, order entry, and radiology images.

Researchers can use the Information Warehouse honest broker protocol to access de-identified clinical data for non-FDA research without having to invest the significant time and effort necessary to craft a formalized protocol for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Researchers with IRB approval can utilize identified data from the Information Warehouse in their research.

Researcher access to the Information Warehouse: 

  • Allows for the conduct of feasibility analyses and/or preliminary investigations
  • Allows for the conduct of retrospective data analysis studies
  • Alleviates the need for conducting manual chart reviews
  • Enables the capture and transfer of clinical data in real time to a research database
  • Provides the ability to perform multi-dimensional analysis and data mining, text mining, natural language processing and image analysis

Researcher access to Electronic Health Record:

  • Document research-specific information in the patient medical record for ambulatory and inpatient encounters
  • Enter and document research-specific orders and medications
  • Complete research and patient account hospital charge review
  • Create Clinical Trial Alerts for patient recruitment
  • Create embedded websites for research related tasks
  • Enhance physician notes by tying lists to background databases
  • Create actionable reports to manage subject populations and identify potential subjects