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Pharmacogenomics Core Lab

The Pharmacogenomics Core Laboratory serves to support collaborative research projects.

Pharmacogenomics Core Laboratory (Head: Audrey Papp)

The core laboratory develops the following capabilities:

  • Detection of sequence variants, and scoring of know sequence variants (mostly SNPs).  The goal is parallel analysis of multiple SNPs in large subject populations.
  • Novel approaches in the search of functional polymorphisms in the candidate genes, study of molecular genetic mechanisms, and selection of validated functional polymorphisms for clinical trial, and for use as biomarkers.
  • Chemogenomics analysis of large scale drug-gene interaction, usually applied to cancer chemotherapy.
  • Bioinformatics support system.  This will provide guidance for investigators to design expression experiments, identify potential SNPs from genomic data, deduce splice variants from ESTS, define candidate genes involved in disease susceptibility and response to drug therapy, etc.
  • Medical informatics to integrate genetic/genomic information with clinical data patients

For more information visit the Pharmacogenomics Core Laboratory page on the OSU Medical Center website.

To learn more about how to use the The Pharmacogenomics Core Laboratory, click here.

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