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Nationwide Children's Flow Cytometry

The Flow Cytometry Core offers several platforms on which to do flow analysis.

Depending on the complexity of the experiment involved there are several “levels” of cytometer available to address your specific needs from the simplest EpicsXL to the most versatile BD-LSR II which is capable of 18 color analysis.

In addition to traditional flow cytometry analysis the Flow Cytometry Core also offers cell sorting services via the BD FACSVantage/DiVa sorter. Flow Jo analysis software is also available on standalone computers on both Macintosh and PC platforms. Aside from the traditional cytometers the flow core lab also has a Bio-Plex luminometer as well as a Wallac 1420 plate reader both of which use a 96 well plate format for applications such as fluorometry, luminometry and photometry with UV absorbance. Flow cytometry is continually expanding in its applications as a research tool.

For LSR training and Luminometer training:
David Dunaway
(614) 355-2820

For Cell sorting:
Cindy McAllister

Flow Cytometry Core Service Request

To learn more about how to use the Flow Cytometry Core, click here.

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