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Nationwide Children's DNA Sequencing

DNA Sequencing Core uses technologies for sequencing of plasmid and PCR templates

The DNA Sequencing Core (DSC) uses ABI dye terminator sequencing technologies for routine sequencing of plasmid and PCR templates. The DSC also provide expert technical assistance in preparation of templates, trouble-shooting failed sequencing reactions, designing primers, and all other aspects of DNA sequencing. The facility currently operates an ABI 3130xl sequencer.

DNA sequencing services are requested through the Finch software interface. Routine data analysis is performed using the DNA Star Suite of programs on local desktops or with the Phred/Phrap/Consed package and GCG Suite available on a Sun server in the Institute.

New users should request an account and training from Hua Zhong.

Core Lab
(614) 355-5252

Hua Zhong
(614) 355-5358

Dr. Peter White, PhD
(614) 355-5252

To learn more about how to use DNA Sequencing Core, click here.

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