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Nationwide Children's Biopathology Center

Biopathology Center: Fulfilling Biospecimen Needs for Translational Research Around the World

The Biopathology Center (BPC) is a biorepository with the primary objective of long-term acquisition and storage of a large number of cancer, normal and diseased biospecimens obtained from patients with Informed Consent, and related data for the purpose of supporting cutting edge research.

The BPC operates under the guidance of The Research Institute of Nationwide Children's Hospital, in collaboration with The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. The research investigators supported by the BPC are not localized to one city, state, region, or even country - investigators worldwide look to the BPC to meet their needs.

The broad diversity in age, geographic origin, sex, etc, of our specimen donors and the large number of specimens on hand constitute a large, statistically significant collection suitable for plausible research conclusions. While acquiring pediatric and gynecologic cancer tissues is our primary focus, virtually any non-infectious tissue is accepted into our inventory.

The BPC serves as the only repository for pediatric solid tumor and is one of only two repositories for leukemia samples in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Nilsa Ramirez, MD
(614) 722-5643

Laura Monovich
(614) 722-2714


To learn more about how to use the Biopathology Center, click here.

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