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Nationwide Children's Biomedical Genomics

Biomedical Genomics Core provides expertise in genomics analysis

The Biomedical Genomics Core (BGC) is a nationally recognized provider of expertise in multiple aspects of genomics analysis. Core services include consultation and assistance with experimental design, quality control of starting material (DNA or RNA), microarray and next-generation sequencing, data processing, bioinformatics, and statistical analysis and interpretation.

Specific services include

  • custom array design
  • gene expression analysis for eukaryotes and prokaryotes
  • array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) to detect genomic aberrations and copy variants (CNVs)
  • splice variant analysis
  • comprehensive microRNA profiling of the entire miRNome.

The BGC Sequencing Unit has been providing Sanger sequencing services for over ten years and uses ABI dye terminator sequencing technologies for routine sequencing of plasmid and PCR templates. The BGC also provides expert technical assistance in preparation of templates, trouble-shooting failed sequencing reactions and difficult targets, designing primers, and all other aspects of DNA sequencing.

The BGC assists investigators with multiple aspects of next-generation sequencing, including library preparation and sequence generation, and provide guidance with regard to the bioinformatics required for analysis of these complex genomic datasets to advanced bioinformatics analysis and interpretation of results.

The core is equipped with the very latest Illumina HiSeq 2000 sequencing system and IlluminaCompute high-performance compute cluster which is capable of producing 200 billion base pairs of sequence data in a week, enabling us to sequence two human genomes at 30X coverage in a single run.

The technology is being utilized for multiple applications including DNA Sequencing, Gene Regulation Analysis, Sequencing-Based Transcriptome Analysis, SNP Discovery and Structural Variation Analysis, Cytogenetic Analysis, DNA-Protein Interaction Analysis (ChIP-Seq), Sequencing-Based Methylation Analysis, and Small RNA Discovery Analysis.

The BGC has significant technical and bioinformatics expertise in the areas of human genome resequencing, exome capture and the identification of disease causing genetic variants.

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Certified Service Provider

The Biomedical Genomics Core has become nationally recognized and was recently awarded official “Certified Service Provider” status by Agilent Technologies, becoming the first and only academic laboratory in the United States to have achieved this status.

BGC Contacts

Peter White, PhD
(614) 355-2671

David Newsom
BGC’s Main Line
(614) 355-5252

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