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Drug Discovery Core

Drug Discovery and Development Resource provides broad range of drug development technologies

The Drug Discovery and Development (DDD) Resource provides a broad range of drug development technologies for preclinical, translational, and clinical research and training. This resource leverages expertise in oncology drug development in the OSUCCC and expands the technologies into other diseases.

The DDD Resource provides:

  1. chemical support services for drug discovery
  2. bioassay instrumentation and evaluation,
  3. pharmacoanalytical expertise and instrumentation for quantification of drug and metabolite concentrations,
  4. pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic, and pharmacogenomic study design and data interpretation
  5. Clinical drug development through Phase I-III.

Early drug discovery efforts include development of curcumin analogs for several cancers (breast, prostate, pancreatic) and novel sulfonanilides for breast cancer. Current pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies involve preclinical studies on a MEK inhibitor, examination of molecules regulating DNA methylation patterns and assay development for oligonucleotides targeting microRNAs. Clinical studies supported by the DDD include Phase I and II trials with flavopiridol, lenalidomide, erlotinib, decitabine, pentostatin, and other small molecule and oligonucleotide agents under evaluation in cancer patients.

Robotic Manipulator Arm (ROMA)

A recent gift of a robotic cell culture system to the College of Pharmacy is being incorporated into the DDD and will enable high-throughput cell-based assays for evaluation of drug discovery leads for CCTS investigators.

Pharmaceutical Assets Portal

An important CTSA consortium drug development tool is the Pharmaceutical Assets Portal. The purpose of the CTSA Pharmaceutical Assets Portal is to forge relationships with the pharmaceutical/biotech industry with the intent to facilitate the transfer of the investigational drugs and biologics for academic research. The Portal would be used to "match" academic research with pharmaceutical assets that may be useful in elucidating disease mechanisms or for discovery of new uses in clinical treatment Access the Pharmaceutical Assets Portal.

For more information contact Anna Adrian.

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