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Data Integration

Providing knowledge engineering services focused on data integration and data modeling

Research Informatics Services (RIS) provides knowledge engineering services focused on the domains of data integration and data modeling, and has developed software to manage distributed data sets.

Two exemplary data integration solutions include the Translational Research Informatics and Data management grid (TRIAD) and REDCap-based research registries.

Developed by the OSU Department of Biomedical Informatics, TRIAD allows researchers to discover, retrieve, and integrate data and knowledge sources related to their research from multiple systems (e.g., data warehouses, project-specific databases, bio-specimen repositories, etc.), often across multiple institutions, with a single query. TRIAD provides a robust platform for secure information exchange, discovery, and reuse, and ensures that researchers retain ownership and access control for their data. TRIAD is breaking down information silos by allowing institutions to combine disparate data sets to discover more meaningful information while maintaining secure locus of control.

RIS has developed a methodology and software platform supporting the rapid development and deployment of REDCap-based research registries requiring seamless integration with the clinical data available in the OSUWMC IW. Utilizing this platform, researchers can rapidly move from concept to activation with minimal informatics development effort, while taking advantage of clinical data captured within the OSUWMC Electronic Health Record (IHIS).

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