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Nationwide Children's Epidemiology

Epidemiology Core provides assistance to investigators

The Epidemiology Core at Nationwide Children's Hospital provides assistance to investigators that need or wish to incorporate epidemiologic methods into their research. Epidemiology is the study of occurrence and distribution of health-related conditions in defined populations.

Epidemiologic methods are particularly valuable to those investigators examining a new disease or outcome, new treatment or diagnostic tool, or those who require preliminary information about a particular disease or intervention prior to submitting a grant.

The Epidemiology Core services include:

  • Selection of appropriate study design to answer research questions
  • Assistance with selecting appropriate study populations, control groups or matching characteristics
  • Assistance with selecting appropriate measures of exposures and outcomes
  • Selection of appropriate datasets for secondary analysis
  • Assistance with basic statistical analysis and interpretation

Mark Klebanoff, MD, MPH
Director of Epidemiology Core
(614) 722-3070

Jennifer Klima, MPH
Research Scientist
(614) 355-3133

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