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Grant Application Toolkit: Translational Therapeutics




Translational Therapeutics

The Translational Therapeutics program provides infrastructure and expertise for the accelerated development of new therapeutics to advance human health. OSU and NCH support more than 25 resources, cores and centers that support translational science and bridge basic services (e.g. nucleic acid, microarray,and proteomics resources) with more clinically-oriented resources.

Translational Therapeutics Think Tank (T4)

The mission of the T4 is to provide guidance and oversight during the course of novel therapeutic discovery and development within the OSU and NCH communities.

Learn how to access T4

Veterinary Clinical Trials Office (CTO)

The Clinical Trials Office at the College of Veterinary Medicine assists in the design, execution, and evaluation of clinical trials using client-owned animals, with the overriding goal of advancing the diagnosis and treatment of disease in veterinary patients while enhancing the health of humans through translational and comparative clinical efforts.

Learn how to access CTO services

Veterinary Biospecimen Repository

The Veterinary Biospecimen Repository housed in the College of Veterinary Medicine’s Veterinary Medical Center is responsible for collecting normal tissues/samples and affected tissues/samples from client owned animals presented to provide researchers within the OSU and NCH communities source material for the interrogation of disease processes and the development of new therapies that will impact both animals and humans.

Learn how to access the Biospecimen Repository

Pharmacoanalytical Shared Resource (PhASR)

The Pharmacoanalytic Shared Resource (PhASR) supports pre-clinical and clinical drug development at OSU and NCH by providing high quality and cost-effective bioanalytical method development, quantitative sample analysis, and pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic experimental design, data analysis and modeling.

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Medicinal Chemistry Shared Resource (MCSR)

The Medicinal Chemistry Shared Resource (MCSR) provides medicinal chemistry support to investigators at OSU and to other academic and commercial institutions.

Learn how to access the MCSR

Comparative Pathology and Mouse Phenotyping Shared Resource

The Comparative Pathology and Mouse Phenotyping program provides expert, readily available experimental pathology support to investigators utilizing mouse models to study disease.

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