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Special Therapeutics Projects Funding Opportunity

Special Therapeutics Projects Funding Opportunity

The NIH Center for Accelerated Innovation at Cleveland Clinic (NCAI-CC) announces an RFA for research projects specifically involving therapeutics technologies (drugs/biologics).

The goal of this special funding opportunity is to identify, select, and advance qualified drug development projects directed toward treatment or management of cardiovascular, pulmonary, blood or sleep-related disorders.

The project activity appropriate for this funding opportunity is identification and qualification of a lead compound from among a series or class of hit compounds that have been tested for activity in one or more validation assays for the disease, which appear to be chemically stable and able to be synthesized, and for which a composition of matter (new chemical entity) patent filing is appropriate.

The scope of work for the project may include activities such as:

  • Design or synthesis of new analogs to support structure activity relationship testing.
  • Testing potency/activity in in-vitro efficacy assays.
  • Demonstrating specific selectivity against targets.
  • Determining in vitro Absorption, Metabolism, Distribution, Excretion, Toxicity (ADMET) properties for select analogs in the series.
  • Conducting preliminary pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) assessment.

The key outcome is to select a lead compound (or at most a few compounds) that are ready to enter the lead optimization phase of drug discovery. Upon successful completion of work under this project level, it is expected that the technology can qualify for additional technology development funding.

Projects will be reviewed on the following criteria: eligibility (fit for this funding opportunity, appropriate phase of development, feasibility), clinical need or opportunity, potential for commercial success, and project plan.

RFA Released: January 11, 2016
Application Submissions due: March 3, 2016
Award Notifications:April 2016

For more information contact Mark Low, Managing Director, 216-445-6920, or Suguna Rachakonda, PhD, Sr. Director, 216-445-3562. | Download the RFA (PDF)

The next cycle of the regular NCAI-CC Technology Funding Program will be launched in July 2016.

Eligibility Criteria Important Dates
  • Download attached RFA (PDF)
Application Deadline 03/03/2016 Anticipated Start Date 04/15/2016

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