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Accelerated Research Agreements Initiative

Accelerated Research Agreements Initiative

Clinical research studies are essential to translate knowledge gained in the laboratory into interventions that improve human health. Multisite studies in particular are critical because many diseases require the study of large numbers of participants to be truly valid.

However, launching human studies in multiple institutions is complicated and can sometimes take many months. There are many contributors to these time delays, but a prime cause is the review and negotiation process for various agreements associated with research activities. For each new study that a researcher or sponsor proposes, several agreements may need to be reviewed, e.g., a confidential disclosure agreement, a clinical trial agreement, a data use agreement, a material transfer agreement.

The Accelerated Research Agreements Initiative provides agreements that are acceptable to participating institutions and organizations; when used, these will expedite the study initiation process.

Accelerated Confidential Disclosure Agreement (ACDA)

With the use of the ACDA template, protocols can be obtained by participating sites without confidentiality agreement negotiation delays, placing those sites at an advantage to initiating trials earlier than current processes permit. | Learn more

Accelerated Clinical Trial Agreement (ACTA)

Institutions and Industry partnering to reduce clinical trial contracting delays. The goal of this initiative has been to develop an efficient contract for sponsor-initiated multi-site trials. This streamlined process will allow sites to participate in clinical trials earlier in the process without undue delays in contract negotiations. | Learn more

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