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Translational Therapeutics Think Tank (T4)

Translational Therapeutics Think Tank (T4)

The mission of the Translational Therapeutics Think Tank (T4) is to provide guidance and oversight during the course of novel therapeutic/device discovery and development within the OSU and NCH communities.  

The activities of the T4 include:

  1. Supporting those projects likely to be successful through assistance in finding necessary resources (collaborators, core services) and providing guidance in experimental design and interpretation.
  2. Identifying those projects for which success is unlikely due to insurmountable barriers to progress and encouraging termination or redirection of effort.
  3. Assisting TL1, KL2, and Pilot Program awardees in the identification of resources, collaborators and other project components needed to complete project goals.
  4. Interfacing with the Drug Development Institute and the Drug and Device Development Services (NCH) to develop a set of key milestones critical for therapeutic/device development and then guiding projects from preclinical to formal clinical testing. 

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