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Yael Vodovotz, PhD

Award Name Pilot and Collaborative Studies Award
Award Date 08/17/2012


Improving phytochemical delivery systems in prostate cancer patients

The Ohio State University Center for Clinical and Translational Science has awarded Yael Vodovotz, PhD, Professor of Food Science and Technology, a pilot grant for her research involving ‘Bioavailability and distribution of black raspberry phytochemicals from novel OSU functional foods designed for cancer prevention clinical trials.’ 

Vodovotz is studying how to deliver phytochemicals, found in black raspberries, directly to the prostate in men with prostate cancer. She is developing a food-based approach using a black raspberry powder as a dietary supplement that she hopes could prevent prostate cancer in the future. The study involves prostate cancer patients who are scheduled to have a prostatectomy. 

The black raspberry powder is made into two types of food delivery systems, a soft gummy confection and nectar. The two delivery systems are designed to provide varying amounts of the phytochemicals to a patient every day for 4-6 weeks before their surgery.  During the intervention, blood, urine, and tissue samples will be collected for analysis.

Vodovotz is trying to answer how well the bioactive compounds are ending up in the patient’s prostate. 

“People metabolize their food differently, and our goal is to see how these compounds are absorbed and metabolized in the body,” Vodovotz said.

The recruitment phase is complete and the researchers are now beginning to analyze their data. Vodovotz hopes that the data will help to acquire more research funding for future studies. 

“We will use the data from this study to submit multiple grants in the future to continue studying the food products and technology we have developed,” Vodovotz said. 

By Kaileigh Witczak, June 24, 2013
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