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Find A Collaborator (SciVal Experts)



Welcome to SciVal Experts

In an effort to improve our ability to identify researcher expertise and potential collaborators, The Ohio State University College of Medicine, OSUCCC-James, and the Center for Clinical and Translational Science have launched SciVal Experts.

SciVal Experts is a searchable database of expertise across all disciplines in the health sciences colleges and related departments at The Ohio State University and is linked to other expertise databases at other academic and research organizations across the country and around the world.

SciVal Experts will become an integral part of the University's faculty and staff information system. This tool automatically aggregates and populates publication data to clearly demonstrate areas of expertise at the individual and organization levels.

Using these data, SciVal Experts creates sophisticated expertise profiles for university researchers that will make it more convenient for faculty, administrators, staff and students to easily identify expertise and collaborate across the health sciences. Expertise profiles take the form of a visual called a "fingerprint" that relays relevant data and concepts.

Contact Karla Gengler-Nowack (292-7936) in the OSU College of Medicine Office of Research with questions about SciVal Experts. FAQs | SciVal Experts User Guide

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