Open Access Publishing Agreements with No Author Costs Through University Libraries

The Ohio State University Libraries provides open access initiatives by covering fees for eligible articles through various publishing agreements. Whether you're a faculty member, staff or student, as a corresponding author at a journal covered by an open access agreement, the Open Access fees are covered at no cost to you.

University Libraries have established open access agreements with 13 publishers that provide open access to thousands of journals and publications. For an in-depth understanding of each agreement and the publishers, explore more information on the Open Access Publishing Agreements page. The Detailed Table of Agreements: Open Access Publishing Agreements with No Cost for Ohio State Corresponding Authors provides an easy comparison of the agreements, ensuring you have the information you need for informed decision-making.

University Libraries' comprehensive website: Transforming Scholarly Publishing @ Ohio State | Ohio State University Libraries ( has more information about the efforts at Ohio State to enhance your publishing experience.

For specific questions or assistance related to open access, Maureen Walsh and Gene Springs are there to guide you. Reach out to them at to explore the world of open access and make your scholarly impact.