Community Engagement Program Highlight

The Community Engagement team provides supportive services to researchers and stakeholders with the aim of facilitating meaningful partnerships across the research lifecycle to achieve health for all. The team is led by Pamela Salsberry, PhD and supported by Jeff Grever (Central Ohio) and Beverly Stringer (southeast, Appalachia Ohio). 

Sample of resources:

  • Community Scientist Academy introduces community members to the research and prepares for participation across the research lifecycle. The program is offered in multiple formats: hybrid, in-person, and asynchronous.
  • CCTS maintains a Community Advisory Board (CAB) in southeast Ohio where researchers can present ideas, projects and receive feedback from the members. The CAB is a collaboration between communities and researchers from The Ohio State University and Nationwide Children’s Hospital.
  • Appalachian Translational Research Network (ATRN) is a network of universities from several states within Appalachia that come together to focus on the health. The CE staff is active within leadership of the ATRN. The CE team maintains the Ohio State University, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and community partner memberships.
  • Conversations About Research Ethics (CARES) is supported by Community Engagement to focus on various research ethical challenges. 
  • Facilitate relations between researchers and community members/organization for collaboration.
  • Consultation meetings with researchers to assist in identifying and facilitating engagement with various stakeholders. 
  • Repository of training materials/resources available for researchers looking to learn how to/best practices when putting together, conducting, and maintaining a community advisory board (CAB), introduction to or follow-up on resources available via CE consultation

The community engagement team is here to assist with building relationships between the research community and the community stakeholders. You can reach the team by emailing or .