ATRN Summit Call for Abstracts

The 2018 ATRN Summit Oral and/or Poster Abstract is now accepting submissions.

Who May Submit?
The call for abstracts is open to interested students (undergraduate, graduate, doctoral), faculty, research personnel, trainees/scholars, and administrators. It is also open to those in government agencies, private foundations, and community organizations.  No individual should be first author on more than one abstract.

Submissions from (1) community organizations collaborating with ATRN member institutions; and (2) individuals participating in research career training programs (e.g., NIH training programs, including T32, K12, COBRE, Physical Scientist, and Clinical Research Scholar) are particularly encouraged.

Submission Fee
There is no cost for abstract submission. However, there is a registration fee to attend the conference. The registration fee is $25 for students and members of community organizations, government agencies, and private foundations; $75 for faculty of member ATRN universities.

Formatting & Submitting your Abstract
You will submit your abstract on-line, using the following instructions:

  • Limit your abstract to 250 words;

  • Keep a copy for your records;

  • Do not include diagrams, illustrations or other graphic objects in your work.

Based on your on-line submission, your abstract will be evaluated, compiled and electronically distributed to conference attendees and mentors.


Abstracts may be submitted on any aspect of health-related research or evidence-based practice that is focused on Appalachian communities served by our ATRN member institutions. This can include: basic laboratory research; clinical research; community-based research; epidemiological and/or populations studies; outcomes research; health services research; evidence supporting best practices in community organizations or clinical settings. Abstracts may describe work that has been or will be submitted at other meetings.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Original Research: All prospective and retrospective studies that involve testing a hypothesis by collecting and analyzing data.  Abstracts must specify the following: hypothesis, number of subjects, procedures, results, statistical analysis, and important findings (conclusions). Ongoing original research is acceptable/encouraged from individuals receiving career research training.

  • Evidence-based Practice: Abstracts must include the following: background summarizing the issue or health-related challenge; EBP question or clear statement of goal of project; methods used to evaluate practices or to implement strategies to incorporate evidence into practice; results describing findings and/or lessons learned as a result of the project; and recommendations or conclusions related to the original problem or question(s) identified.

  • Research Description and Literature Reviews are also welcome (Trainees Only)

Abstract submission: 
Abstract Submission Deadline:  Thursday, August 2, 2018

The majority of abstract submissions will be accepted for presentation during the poster session on Thursday, September 20th from 5-7 p.m. A limited number of abstracts will be chosen for oral presentation during the 1stand 2nd sessions on Friday, September 21stApplicants will be notified of their presentation format by Friday, August 17, 2018

Consult the summit website for more details: