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Nicanor Moldovan, PhD

Award Name Pilot Award
Award Date 05/01/2010


Profiling Circulating Cardiovascular Progenitor Cells

The Ohio State University’s Center for Clinical and Translational Science has awarded Nicanor Moldovan, PhD, with a Pilot Award for his research on the role of progenitor stem cells in cardiovascular biology.

With this research, Moldovan wants to develop new diagnostic tools to detect stem/progenitor cells in human blood, understand how those cells interact with artificial materials for tissue engineering and use them for cell therapy.

The grant was used to optimize the retrieval by Laser Scanning Cytometry of progenitor cells from three dimensional polymeric scaffolds intended to improve the cultivation of these rare cells.

In their research, Moldovan’s team also extracts blood from the patient in order to analyze it and to detect the ‘signature’ of progenitor cells by gene expression. “We are studying the correlation between quality and quantity of progenitor cells in the blood and vascular health,” said Moldovan. “By training I am a vascular biologist, and these cells seem to be intimately related to vascular health.”

“We have made significant progress in better understanding progenitor cells in their true complexity,” said Moldovan. “I hope my research will change the mindset of other researchers and of physicians on how they study or use these cells.”

Moldovan knows that personalized diagnostic and prognostic are the answer for the future of medicine, and he is working towards this goal. “One day, there will be a simple yet powerful test for the composition of progenitor cells in the peripheral circulation of everyone.”

By Charaun Little, Friday, February 24, 2012

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