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Biostatistics Resources

Biostatistics Resources

General Resources     Plan and design stage
Power and Sample size     Statistical Analysis
Getting statistical software at OSU     Missing Data
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General Resources

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Plan and design stage

There are many important factors that investigators need to consider before a research project is carried out. A well-designed experiment will not only yield valid results, but also save time and reduce costs.

The following explains important concepts in the plan and design stage:

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Power and Sample size

Recognition of the importance of power analysis and sample size calculation is one important aspect in experimental design. Without correct calculations that depend on the design, sample size may be too high and may waste time and resources for minimum gain, or too low to reach the desired statistical power.

Below is a list of useful online resources for power and sample size calculation:

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Statistical Analysis

This section serves as a guide on how to choose the appropriate statistical test. The first few links provide a summary of available statistical analyses. When in doubt, always consult with a statistician.

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Getting statistical software at Ohio State

The Ohio State University offers a few statistical software for free or at low cost to faculty, staff and students:

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Missing Data

  • Clinical Trial Design and Informed Consent Language to Avoid Missing Data Bias
    Missing data reduces the benefit provided by randomization, and may lead to biased conclusions. It can arise from a variety of reasons, including the inability or unwillingness of participants to meet appointments for evaluation. In addition, inadvertent loss of data occurs when participants, who discontinue treatment, are no longer followed.

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Miscellaneous Resources

These are a few concepts that need special attention when interpreting the statistical results:

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