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Biostatistics Resources

This resource is intended to provide some general guidance for your online exploration of biostatistical resources, ranging from design of experiment, power and sample size calculation, statistical inference, and interpretation of statistical results. | Enter the Biostatistics Resource Room.

Community Engagement Resources

The Community Engagement Resource Room provides a list of valuable resources for both partners in the community and researchers, ranging from curriculums related to conducting community engaged research to resources about how to get involved or recruit for research studies. | Enter the Community Engagement Resource Room

Comparative Effectiveness Research Resources

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) is a field of study that utilizes data generation (new studies) and synthesis (comparisons of existing studies) to provide evidence identifying best practices and policies related to improving health care. CER studies are generally conducted after randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

RCTs determine efficacy or how well a treatment works under ideal conditions. CER studies examine effectiveness by comparing one or more treatments, procedures or medications to determine what works best for which patients under real world conditions.

The materials in the CER Resource Room provide a series of online training modules covering a variety of CER topics, recordings from the Center for Public Health Practice CER Summer Program course, additional CER materials, and links to external CER organizations and resources.

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