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Research Operations Web Application (ROWA)

The Research Billing Office (RBO) is responsible for quoting research rates for services that are performed within the Health System. The rates quoted are for hospital facility fees only. There may be professional (physician) fees or additional charges for special services or consultation that need to be considered when developing the study budget. Professional fees, physician rates, professional consultation and/or Radiology/Wright Center Research services may be obtained by contacting OSUP at (614) 947-3700 or OSUP.ResearchBilling@osumc.edu. The Information Warehouse has separate billing/fees for copies of radiology exams, digital images, etc. Contact the I.W. for more information.

Research Rates for OSUHS can be obtained by using the "Research Operations Web Application" or ROWA. The ROWA application was designed to manage the workflows and communications required during the research rate requests and new research account request processes. The information is collaboratively entered into the ROWA application by researchers, Research Billing Office (RBO) staff, and ancillary service department. Researchers may enter information in pieces or all at one time.

The ROWA workflow is initiated by creating a new study in the application and requesting services either by free-text descriptions, CPT codes, or charge codes. Researcher can upload protocol-related documents to the application to request the RBO to assist with identifying needed services. Once the researcher submits a rate request an email is automatically sent to the RBO. The RBO will work with the ancillary service departments to identify the services required for the requests. Once the request has been completed the ROWA application automatically generates an email message containing the itemized quote and sends it to the researchers, billing contacts, and research coordinators. The entire workflow is expected to be completed within five business days for simple requests and ten business days for complex requests.

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