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Completed Participants

Previous TL1 Awardees

Abby Adler - PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology
Examining Automatic and Strategic Cognitive Changes Among Patients Treated with a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression
Mentor: Russell Fazio, PhD

T.M. Ayodele Adesanya, GRA, Department of Surgery, College of Medicine
MG-53-Mediated Protection in Heart Valve Biology
Mentor: Jianjie Ma, PhD

Adam Bevan - MD/PhD Candidate, College of Medicine
Integrated Biological Graduate Program
Proximal spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
Mentor: Brian Kaspar, PhD

Christopher Alvarez-Breckenridge – MD/PhD Candidate, College of Medicine, Integrated Biological Graduate Program
Deciphering and circumventing the natural killer response to OV therapy
Mentor: Antonio Chiocca, MD/PhD

Alexandra Borstad, PhD, College of Medicine, School of Allied Medical Professions.
Neural mechanisms of sensory function post-stroke and the impact of sensory-motor rehabilitation on those mechanisms.
Mentor: Deborah Larsen, PhD

Beth Chaffee, DVM, PhD, College of Veterinary Medicine
Use of a Xenograft Model to Predict Chemosensitivity and Risk of Metastasis in Osteosarcoma
Mentor: Matthew Allen, PhD

Amy Collins, MD, MS
MicroRNA- 21 Induction and Function in Pancreatic Cancer
Mentor: Mark Bloomston, MD

Bradley Dougherty, OD - PhD Candidate, College of Optometry
Stress & Inflammation in Age-Related Macular Degeneration Outcomes
Mentor: Karla Zadnik, OD, PhD 

Allahna Esber, PhD Student, Derpartment of Epidemiology, College of Public Health
HPV Infection Among a Samle of Malawian Women
Menton: Alison Norris, MD, PhD

Nora Fritz, DPT, PhD, College of Medicine
Examining the Effects of a Novel Dual-Task Intervention Program Using Dance Dance Revolution on Mobility, Cognition and Brain Plasticity in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis
Mentor: Anne Kloos, PhD

Carlee Giesege, Graduate Research Assistant, Biomedical Sciences
DUX4 Exon-Skipping Strategy for FSHD
Mentor: Scott Harper

David Huss, PhD
Creating a CD4-specific delivery system to advance the therapeutic development of siRNA-Tbet to treat Multiple Sclerosis
Mentor: Amy Lovett-Racke, PhD

Susan Ingraham, MD, PhD – Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Congenital obstructive nephropathy
Mentor: John Mahan, MD

Alisha Janssen, Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
Examining Effects of a Dual-Task Aerobic Intervention on Working Memoery in Multiple Sclerosis
Mentor: Ruchika Prakash, PhD

Pricilla Lee - PhD Candidate, Neuroimmunology, OSU College of Medicine
Identifying Pathogenic Loci in Encephlitogenic T-Cell as a Therapeutic Target to Treat Multiple Sclerosis
Mentor: Amy Lovett-Racke, PhD

Sara Koenig, Graduate Research Associate, Center for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research, College of Medicine
Role for Notch1 Signaling in Ascending Aortic Aneurysms
Mentor: Vidu Gang, MD

Sean Little, PhD, College of Medicine
Correcting the pathophysiology of a Restrictive Cardiomyopathy mouse model through rAAV transfection of engineered TnC constructs
Mentor: Jonathan Davis, PhD

Maryam Lustberg, MD, MPH
Assessment and Monitoring of Anthracycline-Induced Cardiovascular Effects in Adult and Pediatric Cancer Patients with Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR) and Circulating Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs)
Mentor: Charles Shapiro, MD

Heather MacPherson, MA - PhD Candidate, Clinical Psychology
Treatment Adherence, Fidelity, and Longitudinal Outcomes in an Effectiveness and Transportability Trial of Multi-Family Psychoeducational Psychotherapy (MF-PEP) for Childhood Mood Disorders in a Community Setting
Mentor: Mary A. Fristad, PhD

Emily Nurre, MD, MPH, Colleges of Medicine and Public Health
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Mentor: Joanne Lynn

Tonya Orchard, PhD, RD, LD
Relationship of Red Blood Cell Concentration of n-3 and n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids to fractures and biomarkers of bone health in the Women’s Health Initiative.
Mentor: Rebecca Jackson, MD

Kristen Roberts - PhD Candidate, Human Nutrition Graduate Program, OSU College of Education and Human Ecology
Prostate Cancer
Mentor: Steven Clinton, MD, PhD

Alan Smith - MD/PhD Candidate, College of Medicine
Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Mentor: Larry Schlessinger, MD

Kristen Smith, PhD
MicroRNAs: New Players in MS Pathogenesis
Metnor: Caroline Whitacre, PhD

Porsha Smith - PhD Candidate, Integrated Biomedical Graduate Program, OSU College of Medicine
Developing a novel class of drugs to target PRMT5 in lymphoma
Mentor: Robert Baiocchi, MD, PhD

Sakima Smith, MD - MPH Candidate, Cardiovascular Medicine
The Role of ßIV-Spectrin in Heart Failure
Mentor: Philip Binkley, MD 

Colleen Spees, PhD, RD, LD
Nutritional Factors Impacting the Dysregulation of p53 Gene Expression in Human Prostate Carcinogenesis
Mentor: Steven Clinton, MD, PhD

David Swenson, MD, MPH, Colleges of Medicine and Public Health
Epidemiology of US high school sports-related fractures, 2008-011
Mentor: R. Dawn Comstock, PhD

Michael Trimarchi - PhD Candidate, College of Medicine, Integrated Biological Graduate Program
Epigenetic Dysregulation of Gene Expression and its Impact on the Development of Tamoxifen-resistant Breast Cancer
Mentor: Pearlly Yan, PhD

Linan Wang - PhD Candidate, College of Medicine, Integrated Biological Graduate Program
Application of SILAC and LC-MS/MS to Determine the Global Proteomic Effect and Cross Talk of Histone Modifications in Yeast
Mentor: Michael Freitas, PhD

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