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PhD in Translational Science (Integrated Biomedical Graduate Program)

PhD in Translational Science: Integrated Biomedical Graduate Program

The Integrated Biomedical Graduate Program (IBGP) has designed the specialized Translational Science curriculum for students interested in translational research that will extend their time to degree by approximately 3 months.

In addition to the IBGP core curriculum, students wishing to obtain a Graduate Specialization Transcript Designation in Translational Research must complete five required courses and at least one course in each of the IBGP-762 and IBGP-763 series that are relevant to the organ system or biological process most closely related to his/her dissertation research.

More information can be found on the School of Biomedical Medicine website, or by contacting Stuart Hobbs, the CCTS Research Education, Training, and Career Development Program Manager.

Eligibility Criteria How to Apply
  • Doctoral student in the IBGP.


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