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Completed Participants

Previous KL2 Awardees

Christopher Adin, DVM, College of Veterinary Medicine
The Role of Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in Promoting CD103-dependent Injury to Renal Tubules
Mentor: Gregg Hadley, PhD

Stacy Ardoin, MD, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine
Myocardial Inflammation in SLE
Mentor: Subha Raman, MD

Melissa Bailey, OD, PhD, College of Optometry
Myopia and Ciliary Muscle Development
Mentor: Kirk McHugh, PhD

Beth Besecker, MD, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine
Investigation of Zinc’s Role in FcReceptor and Complement Mediated Phagocytosis
Mentor: Sushela Tridandapani, PhD

Colleen Cebulla, MD, PhD, Department of Ophthalmology, College of Medicine
Study of therapies to treat proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR) in humans
Mentor: Andrew Fischer, PhD

Subinoy Das, MD, College of Medicine
Improving patient care via proteomics based, microbe-specific detection of chronic rhinosinusitis.
Mentor: Lauren Bakaletz, PhD

Jeffrey Deiuliis, PhD, Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute
Insulin resistance in type-2 diabetes in obese patients
Mentor: Sanjay Rajagopalan, MD

Matthew Exline, MD, MPH, College of Medicine
Critical illness and risks for nosocomial infections.
Mentor: Mark Wewers, MD

Scott Harper, PhD, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
A Translational Approach Toward RNAi Therapy for Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD)
Mentor: Jerry Mendell, MD

Andrew Hartwick, OD, PhD, College of Optometry
Flicker Sensitivity of Retinal Ganglion Cell Photoreceptors: A Novel Pupil Testing Strategy for Glaucoma Detection
Mentor: Karla Zadnik, OD, PhD

Jill Heathcock, PhD, School of Allied Medical Professions, College of Medicine
Neuroimaging in infants born preterm
Mentor: C. Robert Almli, PhD

Susan Moffatt-Bruce, MD, College of Medicine
Role of T cells and innate immunity in cardiac transplant rejection.
Mentor: Gregg Hadley, PhD

Alison Norris, MD, PhD, College of Public Health
Sexual and reproductive health decisions from medical and epidemiological perspectives
Mentor: John Casterline, PhD

Abigail Norris Turner, PhD, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine
Vitamin D Supplementation and Bacterial vaginosis in an STD clinic population
Mentor: Rebecca Jackson, MD

Mitch Phelps, PhD, College of Pharmacy
Integrating pharmacogenetics in early phase clinical trials using flavopiridol as a model
Mentor: Wolfgang Sadee, Dr.rer.nat

Julie Roda, PhD, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine
HIF-2alpha as a regulator of angiogenesis in malignant melanoma
Mentor: Clay Marsh, MD

Jonathan Slaughter, MD, Division of Neonatology, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
The Comparative Effectiveness of Laparotomy versus Drain Placemen in WLBW Infants with NEC
Mentor: Leif Nelin, MD

Shu-Hua Wang, MD, PharmD, Department of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine
Identifying and examining incidence of MRSA bloodstream infections in Franklin County.
Mentor: Kurt Stevenson, MD, MPH

Baldwin Way, PhD, Department of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
Translating Social Psychological Theories into Pharmacological Therapies for Psychiatric Disorders: A Randomized Control Trial of Acetaminophen for Borderline Personality Disorder as a Model
Mentor: John Campo, MD

Nahla Zaghloul, MD, Nationwide Children's Hospital
Prevention and therapy to reverse the process of cerebral inflammation and damage that leads to Periventricular leukomalacia (PVL)
Mentor: Brian Kaspar, MD

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