CCTS Core Services Voucher Support

Providing funding support to investigators

The OSU CCTS facilitates and supports the translation of scientific discoveries into innovations that improve health. To achieve this mission and advance translational research, the CCTS is awarding vouchers to provide funding support to investigators who require assistance from an eligible Ohio State University or Nationwide Children's Hospital core service to enable preliminary work and generate data for new or ongoing projects and/or to secure fee-based core services for expert consultation services with the ultimate goal of furthering clinical and translational research.

These awards are intended to be used on projects that are ready for services immediately ("just in time" data). The CCTS will award OSU and NCH investigators vouchers worth up to $4,000 (see eligibilities 4-6 in the RFA) in core service (eligible cores listed in the RFA) per investigator and per project. 

For more information:
Sean Collins
Research Analytics Specialist
(614) 366-7378