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ResearchMatch helps researchers and potential study volunteers connect

When researchers and volunteers connect, it accelerates the recruitment process of research studies. This added efficiency can make a big difference in obtaining successful and positive research outcomes that may lead to future medications, treatments, and even better and healthier lives for everyone.

ResearchMatch is a free and secure registry of volunteers willing to learn more about research studies that was developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Research needs volunteers of all ages to improve and advance health care. ResearchMatch brings volunteers and researchers together in an anonymous, secure and convenient way. Research study volunteers will define the future of health with the profound gift of their participation.

Any medication, medical device, or health care procedure that you have used or received was the result of generous research volunteers who participated in research and made it possible to discover the best and most advanced health care options.

Researchers need both healthy volunteers and those with specific conditions to help develop the best treatments, the best devices, and the best methods for managing health issues.

Volunteers receive information anonymously and their information is not released until they decide their level of interest and choose to allow the researcher to see it.

Thank a research volunteer if you know one, and consider the opportunity of becoming one yourself by registering on ResearchMatch.org today.

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