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Pilot and Collaborative Studies

Pilot Program supports career development and generates new research teams

The overarching goal of the Pilot program is to support career development through utilization of pilot funding to reinforce the development of new research teams that cross disciplines and develop new technologies and methodologies for clinical and translational research.

  • Create opportunities to promote clinical and translational research that focus on the creation of new transdisciplinary teams and by collaborating with different departments, centers, universities and industries.
  • Provide opportunities and tools for the next generation of researchers (early stage investigators -ESI’s) to enhance their career development.
  • Promote and provide expertise in clinical and translational research tools (biostatistics, biomedical informatics, translational technology resources and mentors, cost-shared access to institutional core facilities) to meritorious investigators and teams. The final objective is to promote high impact clinical and translational research studies.
  • Leverage CCTS domain expertise in cutting-edge technologies to enhance expertise and utilization of these tools in clinical and translational research. 

Program Director: Chandan Sen, PhD

Program Co-Director: John Sheridan, PhD

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