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Who We Are

Who We Are

Pamela Salsberry, PhDPamela Salsberry, PhD, RN, FAAN
Director, Community Engagement T2-T4
(614) 292-0894

Dr. Salsberry's long-standing program of research is in the area of health disparities and health equity. Most of this work has been concentrated in the area of maternal-child health. The overarching question that is threaded throughout this body of work concerns the pathways and mechanisms that link social and economic disadvantage to poorer maternal and child outcomes.

Her work has included diverse projects, including health policy work within the Ohio Medicaid agency and the development of health screening clinics for the underserved. She is particularly interested in examining the relationship between economic status, health behaviors and health outcomes (birth outcomes, and adult and childhood obesity) across racial and socio-economic groups. Much of this work focuses specifically on how early life disadvantage, particularly social and economic disadvantage, influences differential health development in African-American and white females, concentrating on markers of adolescent health (obesity, menarche timing, general health status) that are linked to later life chronic disease.


Jeff Grever, MPHJeff Grever, MPH
Community Engagement Program Manager 
(614) 366-5953

Jeff joined the Community Engagement team in December 2016 after working with the Ohio State CCTS as the Digital Communications Manager since 2009. Jeff has been involved with all of the CCTS programs over the years, helping to present CCTS support offerings to translational researchers across the University and Nationwide Children's Hospital. He has specifically spent a significant amount of time working with the Community Engagement Program and the Participant Recruitment and Retention Program, the latter being a large part of the focus of his studies while acquiring his Master of Public Health degree from Ohio State's College of Public Health (in 2015). Jeff has experience sharing his expertise in community needs related to Type 1 diabetes as a consultant for various diabetes-focused community organizations and research teams.


Beverly StringerBeverly Stringer
Coordinator, Community Engagement & Appalachian Translational Research Network (ATRN)
(740) 377-5499

Beverly is the Community Engagement Coordinator for southeastern Ohio, where she is instrumental in helping expand the research environment into the communities of southeastern Ohio.  She works closely with the Co-Director of Community Engagement in establishing collaborations between the community and OSU researchers.  Her passion for the Appalachian area is pure with being born and raised in southern Ohio.  She has a special understanding, respect and is a part of the Appalachian culture.  With her 29 years of experience at a local hospital she knows first-hand about the health disparities in Appalachia.   Her passion shines through as she works with a network of universities, researchers and community partners to improve the health in Appalachia through research as the ATRN and Community Engagement of southeastern Ohio helps expand the research environment. Beverly received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Ohio University. She works at a satellite office located in Portsmouth, Ohio.

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